Hospital life - Sam's real story

Nine-year-old Sam was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis (a rare skin condition) in May 2013 and spent a month at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). 
Sam at GOSH

“My condition makes me very tired and my legs and neck really hurt, I get bad aches and pains. When I come to GOSH I chat with the doctors about how I’m feeling and they do lots of tests and x-rays to help me get better.

“I did a lot of physio at the hospital, we did loads of exercises and my favourite was one called animal prints, it’s where you lie on your tummy and raise your legs. I have to take a lot of medicine now but my mum sorts it out for me.

“The best thing about GOSH is definitely the people, everybody is so nice. The school room is cool too. I used to go to the playroom on the ward which was good; Penguin Ward has a Wii and just the right amount of games. We had cooking lessons at the school which was cool. A chef came in and taught us how to make sushi.

“If I had to describe GOSH in three words it would be loving, scary and happy. The staff are really loving, it’s scary because I don’t like needles but it’s happy because they make you feel better.

“My least favourite thing is the needles, but having a cannula taken out actually doesn’t hurt. Everyone says it does, but it doesn’t. I don’t like blood tests though.

“My advice for other people would be that the quicker you get your treatment done the less scared you will be. If you are anxious it will be all over soon.”