Pack a punch

Your lunch box should contain:
  • carbohydrate, such as bread, rice, pasta with a protein source, such as meat, fish, chicken or vegetarian alternative;
  • some salad and a piece of fruit;
  • a bit of dairy, such as yoghurt, milk drink or cheese and a scrummy snack like dried fruit or vegetable sticks;
  • a drink (avoid fizzy rubbish) – go for thirst-quenching chilled water, semi-skimmed milk, sugar-free cordial or fruit juice.

Packed lunch ideas

Super sandwiches

  • Super sarnies are always made with brown or wholemeal bread.
  • Try to go without margarine or mayonnaise, or just spread a little on thinly.
  • Good fillings are chicken, turkey or ham slices.
  • Tinned fish like tuna or sardines gives you all the good oils.
  • If having cheese choose Edam, feta, or low-fat cream cheese.
  • Always add lots of crispy salad, this will help with your 5-a-day!
  • Peanut butter is great but you don’t need butter or margarine as well.

Or, for a change

  • Grab granary rolls, pittas, rye bread, tortilla wraps or bagels.
  • Create cous cous, rice or pasta salad.
  • Make traffic light kebabs with cheese, cooked meat and peppers on wooden skewers.
  • On a cold day try a flask of tasty, warming soup.

Smart school dinners

If you’re having a school dinner, try and choose the healthier items. Here’s what to pick and what to leave on the hot plate.
 Green  Red
Jacket potatoes with baked beans or cottage cheese Roast potatoes
Pasta with tomato sauce Pasta with creamy sauces
Hot pots, stews and casseroles Chips
Baked, grilled or steamed fish Fish in batter or breadcrumbs
Vegetable bakes Fried chicken or chicken nuggets
Tuna, chicken or ham salad Pizza
Vegetable curry with boiled rice Sausage rolls