Eating out

Fast food and takeaways are fun and easy. But most fast food is high in fat and salt. This grub should not be up for grabs often. Have it as a treat now and then, or for special occasions.

Tips for a 'healthier' takeaway

  • Avoid mayonnaise, extra cheese or bacon, these are all high-fat and not needed extras.
  • Pick the fat-free or low fat dressings.
  • Choose chicken, rather than fatty meats, and avoid having it in batter.
  • Don’t have large portions and stop eating when you’re full.
  • Drink semi-skimmed milk, or diet soft drinks or water.
  • Try other things instead of chips, like baked beans or corn on the cob.


Remember, you’re not going to the cinema to eat! But, it’s always fun to have something to snack on. The stuff they serve at the cinema is not normally healthy so why not take your own?

  • Low-fat mousses or frozen yoghurt.
  • Mixed unsalted nuts.
  • Sugar-free sweets and drinks.
  • Sandwich with healthy filling.
  • Sugar-free chewing gum.
  • Unsweetened popcorn.