Brilliant breakfasts

Breakfast is a very important meal. You’ve probably heard that before, but want to know why?

After going 10 - 12 hours overnight without food, your energy reserves are low. Your body and brain now need fuel!

Breakfast keeps you going until lunchtime. This helps you do better at school. It also stops you feeling hungry mid-morning. This is the danger zone when you might be tempted to eat crisps or chocolate at break time!

How will you ‘break the fast’ of the night?

Here are some healthy brekkie ideas to kick-start your day:

  • Pick porridge, muesli, wheat or bran cereals with semi-skimmed milk. Try to avoid cereals with added sugar and fat.
  • Boil an egg and have it with wholemeal bread soldiers.
  • Try wholemeal toast with peanut butter, jam or Marmite.
  • Go for it with grilled tomato on toast.
  • Launch your day with a lean grilled bacon sandwich.
  • Make fab fruit smoothies with plain low fat yoghurt or semi-skimmed milk.
  • Jazz up low-fat yoghurt by adding sliced fruit.
  • Blast off with a bagel with low fat cream cheese.