Annual General Meeting and Annual Members' Meeting 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Members' Meeting (AMM) took place virtually and the theme this year was ‘Celebrating our people’.

Incredible NHS Staff Thank You

Image with thanks to Jacqueline Colley and GOSH Arts.

The AGM & AMM took place on Wednesday 9 September 2020 from 5pm - 6:30pm via Zoom and the meeting was an opportunity for attendees to hear about our achievements at the Trust in the past year. Attendees were also given the chance to ask questions and make comments to the panel using the Slido platform.

The agenda featured presentations from our Chair, Sir Michael Rake, Chief Executive Matthew Shaw, Deputy Medical Director Sophia Varadkar, Helen Jameson, Chief Finance Officer and Claire Cooper-Jones, Lead Governor.


  • Matt gave an update on how the trust has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic including how we worked with the North Central London (NCL) STP and other London Partners to plan a collective response.
  • He also discussed the launch of the new strategy 'Above and Beyond' which will take use through until 2025 as well as the People Strategy which brings together all our people-related issues and activities to ensure they are delivering on our organisational priorities and our commitment to our people.
  • We established an information hub on our website, where patients and families could access information about how the Trust was operating, and the impact on services. We provided guidance on isolating and shielding, and resources for children and young people to help cope with the changes related to coronavirus.
  • We have been live with out EPR for over 16 months now, and this time has brought an astonishing transformation to the organisation. For the last 12 months, the system has been optimised to create greater benefits for our patients, families and staff. To mark the anniversary of go live, the first EPR Yearbook was published, with stories from staff parents about those benefits, told in detail over 64 pages.
  • Sophia provided an update on the quality priorities in 2019/20 which were around Safety, Experience and Clinical Effectiveness.
  • This also included the implementation of the Speak Up Programme so as to build a sustainable culture of safety, reliability and openness we developed a programme to encourage and support our staff to feel safe in speaking up for safety.
  • Sophia mentioned our work around Urethral catheterisation, reducing the number of rejected samples plus the pilot of specialised Services Quality Dashboards.
  • Our quality priorities for 2020/21 are Improving Medicines Safety, Improvement of patient documentation in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and finally Improving the hospital care and experiences of children and young people with learning disabilities, autism and/or additional needs.
  • In the finance report given by Helen Jameson, the response by the independent auditors showed that our financial statements reflected a true and fair view of the foundation trust’s affairs as at 31 March 2020 and of our income and expenditure for the year then ended. Also that our records had been properly prepared in accordance with the accounting policies directed by NHS Improvement; and in accordance with the requirements of the National Health Service Act 2006.
  • She highlighted our key performance measures which we continue to achieve and we maintained a strong financial position giving us enough cash to pay our bills.
  • It was observed that our income grew faster than previous years largely due to drugs income.
  • Our Lead Governor, Claire Copper Jones provided an update on the membership at the trust using the three themes of the membership[ strategy which are Recruit, Communicate and Engage.
  • On 31 March 2020, our membership totalled 14,880. This spans across the different constituencies and classes which are Patient, Parent, and Carer Constituency (London and Outside London), Public Constituency (North London and surrounding areas and South London and surrounding areas) and staff. Have a look at our membership page for details about how you can join!
  • She detailed a number of communication channels which were used in the past year including the use of social media, refreshed website pages, monthly newsletter to Governors plus communications to staff.
  • A plan is underway to have increased engagement with existing members, both public, patient and staff, so that membership is even more meaningful. This includes increasing the number of members we have across the Public, Patient and Parent/Carer constituencies as well as the number of young people we have as members.
  • We will also be implementing the detailed communications plan ahead of the 2020/21 Governor elections taking place from November 2020 up until February 2021.
  • Claire provided an overview of the role of the Council of Governors and their activities in the year 2019/20 which included contribution to the new GOSH strategy, people strategy, appointment of the new Non-executive director Russell Viner amongst other duties.
  • She also gave an update on the constituency changes due to take place. More information can be found HERE.
  • The meeting the followed with a question and answer session which was compered by a member of the communications team and answered by the panel.
  • Both Matt and Sir Michael concluded the meeting with a thanks to all.

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