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Educational contacts

Links to College Tutors and Educational Leads.

Educational supervision

What you need to know as a Clinical or Educational Supervisor.

The DELs meets quarterly to discuss issues of educational importance within the trust and is chaired by the Director of Medical Education, Deputy Director or Head of PGME.

The events of this meeting is then reported to the Medical Education Steering Group.

This is a great opportunity to raise any concerns or issues but more importantly a way to communicate and share best practice.

Study leave is available to all Consultants at Great Ormond Street Hospital. All study leave applications must be returned to the PGME Corporate team at least six weeks prior to the request stated on the form, but under certain circumstances, exceptions can be made.

Study leave allowance for consultants runs from April - March in line with the financial year, and can be used for courses, conferences or research activity.

To support CPD requirements, the Trust’s Consultant study leave allowance is 30 days over 3 years or 10 days per annum. Please note study leave fund cannot be carried over into a new financial year.

Study Leave is discretionary and it needs to be approved by your Specialty Lead.

Access information on study leave for Junior Doctors in your department.

Study Leave and Funding Application

For PGME Corporate Team enquires:

Phone: 0207 405 9200 ext. 0066/ 1702
Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm