Managing Emergencies in Paediatric Anaesthesia

Simulated airway emergency on the MEPA course

We are one of the global centres working with the MEPA organisation to deliver this world renown anaesthetic course.

Course overview

MEPA is a 1-day simulation-based training course which was designed as a collaborative effort between paediatric anaesthetists from across the globe.

The course is run in multiple specialist paediatric centres across the globe, including at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH), and consists of a series of peer-reviewed scenarios with supplemental standardized teaching presentations.

MEPA aims to equip candidates with strategies for dealing with common emergent scenarios in paediatric anaesthesia, along with the non-technical skills that are necessary for their effective management.

This course equips candidates to deal with common scenarios that may be encountered by anyone anaesthetising a child anywhere in the world.

Brilliant day Fantastic and engaging faculty - thank you!

MEPA Course Candidate

Who is MEPA suitable for?

MEPA is for anaesthetists who work with children. We have two courses:

  • MEPA for Trainees (MEPA-T) is for senior trainees with a special interest in paediatric anaesthesia. MEPA is included in the RCOA 2021 curriculum as an activity which can be used to evidence the acquisition of competencies in paediatric anaesthesia.
  • MEPA for Consultants (MEPA-C) is for consultant anaesthetists who undertake regular or occasional paediatric work, are expected to provide out-of-hours care for children, or who may otherwise be involved in the care of a sick child.

What about Staff Grade, Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors?

Please contact us and we can suggest which course might be most suitable for your practice.

Who are the faculty?

The MEPA faculty at GOSH are either specialist paediatric anaesthetists, specialist simulation educators, or both.

Cost of the course:

The course is £200 for the full day course and includes lunch.

Upcoming Dates:

MEPA-T 8 December 2023 8:45am - 16:30pm

MEPA-T 9th January 2024 8:45am - 16:30pm

MEPA-C 23rd February 2023 8:45am - 16:30pm

We regularly add new dates, so please check back here, or contact us for further information. For any queries please contact: