Having Difficult Conversations: Setting, Stance and Case Discussion

In this course we’ll draw on real case examples of recent difficult conversations you’ve had, share them confidentially and practice conversational skills using these conversations as a starting point.

You’ll sign up to a day of training plus two further one hour online sessions, in which each member of your small group will have the chance to bring a recent difficult conversation they’ve had as material for discussion and learning. In this way, the course will seek to convey the merits of embedding case-based discussion into everyday practice.

Learning Outcomes

We’ll provide a grounding in the theories and techniques that underpin an effective approach to difficult conversations

  • We’ll formulate psychologically the interpersonal dilemmas faced by staff and families in frontline healthcare.
  • We’ll consider the impact of the setting in which conversations take place, and become aware of our own stance as integral to a good conversation.
  • And we’ll practice having difficult conversations with trained actors. This practice will take as its material real cases from the group.

Is this course for me?

This course is aimed at all team members who have difficult conversations with patients, families and colleagues.

How to sign up

Currently this course is for internal candidates only if you are interested in attending please contact us at simulation@gosh.nhs.uk