Completing the registration form

This page explains how you should complete the registration form, and what happens once you have completed the form. 

The registration form

Before you submit a registration form, you should contact any support services required, as detailed in the form, to discuss your application and obtain their costings. You will need to allow each support service a minimum of five working days to provide a costing, unless more time is requested in the form. Please note that if the Statistical Support Service is required, they should be contacted as soon as you start working on a project idea, and your completed form should be submitted as early as possible.

Key information:

  • R&D number: If this application is for further funding for an already registered project, please provide the existing R&D number. If not previously registered, we will issue you with a new number.
  • Principal investigator (PI): There should always be a local PI at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)/the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH). If you are a collaborator on an external application, the lead applicant is the Chief Investigator (CI); you will be the PI. If you are a student, unless you are a GMC-registered clinician, your academic or clinical supervisor should be the PI.
  • Substantive employer of PI: This should be the institution that the PI is employed by – check your payslip if you are uncertain – and as noted above, should always be GOSH or ICH.
  • Academic section and clinical division: As above, this should be the unit or division that the PI is employed within. Since the PI will (generally) only be employed by GOSH or ICH, you will normally only need to complete one of these.
  • What type of project is this? Only research projects and applications need to be registered with the R&D Office. If your project is clinical audit or service evaluation you should instead contact Andrew Pearson, the GOSH Clinical Audit Manager, to register it with the Clinical Audit team. If you are unsure what your project is, please visit the Health Research Authority for more information, or contact
  • GOSH BRC theme:  More information can be found at:

Project details:

  • Will this study involve human participants, their tissue or data? Please tick all boxes that apply. For example, if your project involves gathering data directly from participants, please tick 'yes', 'participants' and 'data'.
  • Which clinical specialty will handle these patients? This field must be completed if GOSH patients are involved.
  • Research methodology: Please select your research methodology.

Application details:

  • Funding body: Please complete this even if you have already been awarded funding, or you are not applying for funding – eg 'discretionary account', 'funding not required', etc.
  • Link to funding call: This should always be provided.
  • Type of funding call: Please complete this even if you have already been awarded funding.
  • Application submission date: You only need to complete this field if the application has already been submitted; otherwise you may leave it blank.
  • All the other fields in this section must be completed if you are submitting an application; however if you have already been awarded funding, or are not applying for funding, you do not need to complete them.

Support services:

If any support services are required, they must be contacted before you register your project, and you must agree a costing with them. When your project is registered you must provide confirmation of the cost you were provided by the respective support team (an email is sufficient).

GOSH resources: 

If your project requires GOSH resources, you must confirm the feasibility and costing with each resource department before completing the project registration and grant application form.

Additional costs:

All costs will need to be provided before a costing can be approved.

The registration process

Your registration form should be submitted to at least 15 working days before the grant application deadline. The R&D Office will then register your project on our research database, ReDA. They will check that you have included all the necessary information and they will determine whether you need costings from GOSH, ICH or both. They will then pass your registration on to the appropriate costing team(s).
You will receive an R&D no. when you register a project. This number refers to the project, not the application. If you submit another application for the same project, you should reuse the same R&D no. costings from GOSH, ICH or both. They will then pass your registration on to the appropriate costing team(s).
GOSH and/or ICH costing will contact you with any financial queries and with draft costings within five working days. You should discuss any possible variations with the costing teams at this point, costings from GOSH, ICH or both.
ICH costings:When you are happy with your costings they must be approved on Worktribe. You will need to submit all additional costs (eg consumables) and all costings from other organisations (including GOSH). Costing approval will take 10 working days, and once costings have been approved you may not change them without informing ICH costings and re-approving them. ICH Finance will not sign off an application unless costings have already been approved.If ICH costing need to provide a costing less than 10 working days before your deadline, then UCL’s Research Services may refuse to approve them meaning you cannot include them in your application.

GOSH costings:When you are happy with your costings please incorporate them into your application.You may not change them without informing GOSH costings beforehand. If you are including GOSH costs in an ICH led application then you must take into consideration that you will need the costsGOSH costing will not provide costings later than five working days before your deadline.
GOSH led applications: Your completed application must be submitted to at least three working days before the grant application deadline to allow time for authorisation (NIHR and NIH applications must be submitted at least four working days before the deadline.)

ICH led applications: Your application must be submitted on Worktribe at least 10 working days before the grant deadline for approval.
Head of Section/ Clinical Division authorisation:All applications must be authorised by the PI’s Head of Section. Please see this list of Heads of Section.All applications with GOSH involvement must also be authorised by the head of the clinical division where patients are being seen or work is taking place. Please see the above list to confirm this too.
All applications must be approved by Head of Department and Finance before submission.

If your application requires wet-ink signatures:You must collect the head of section signature(s) before taking your application to Finance who will provide a signature, this is on the condition that the costs contained within your application have been approved by Finance or your Head of Programme has accepted responsibility.Electronic submission (i.e. via J-es or e-Grants).

If your application requires electronic authorisation please ensure you cite the correct approver (see application authorisation). Your application will not be approved online before Head of Department approval or Finance approval.
If the costs in your application do not match your approved costings, Finance will query them. This may increase the time required for finance authorisation.
The R&D Office will inform when your application has head of section and finance approval.