Junior Doctors Forum

The Junior Doctors Forum (JDF) is a vital component of hospital life here at GOSH. Monthly meetings are held where latest news/issues/developments, as well as upcoming social events are discussed and it is a chance for you to represent your specialty or training grade.

The JDF consists of:

  1. Executive committee and sub-committees
  2. Members of the JDF
  3. Representatives of the Local Negotiating Committee
  4. Departmental Representatives

Any junior doctor may apply to the current JDF President to fill a vacant post. Departmental representatives are chosen according to their department's local policy.

The Guardian of Safe Working always attends the first meeting of the month. The Medical Director, PGME Manager/Lead, College Tutors, Medical Education Fellow and HR Department reps may also attend the committee meetings when appropriate.

Current Executive Committee:

Role Name
JDF President Charmaine Chai
Secretary Sevasti Konstantinidou
Social Secretary Divya Raviraj
Treasurer Craig Knott
Academic Rep Lizzie Rivers
Medical Education Fellow Craig KnottShuang Liu
IMG Rep  Ashwin Pandey
LSP Rep Kate O'ConnellMatthew CrawleyStephanie Habermann
Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Vacant
BMA/LNC Rep Jane Hassell

If you are interested in applying for the vacant positions, please contact the JDF President.

Specialty Reps:

Specialty Name
Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Diseases Jinan Darwish
Anaesthetics Laura Elgie
Audiovestibular Medicine Reeya Motha
CAMHS Josephine Neale
Cardiology Laura D'Addese
Cardiothoracic surgery Vacant
Clinical Genetics Vacant
Clinical Neurophysiology Arjuna Nagendran
Clinical Radiology Susan Shelmerdine, Laurie Ramsay, Trevor Gaunt
Dental Vacant
Dermatology Alisha Chacko
Diabetes & Endocrinology Nicole Goff
Theonymfi Doudouliaki
General Surgery David Thompson
Haematology/Oncology Charlotte Burns, Katherine Green
Medical Microbiology Vacant
Metabolic Medicine Sergei Korenev
Nephrology Jenny Preka, Amanda Richardson
Neurology Vacant
Neurosurgery Shawn Agius
Ophthalmology Sahar Parvizi
Otolaryngology Jessica Bewick, Robert Nash
Palliative Medicine Vacant
Plastic Surgery Avinash Sachdev
Respiratory Doxa Kotzia
Rheumatology Giulia Varnier, Cathy Campbell
Trauma & Orthopaedics James Yeats​
Urology David Thompson
Renal Nabil Melhem

The Specialty Reps list is correct as of July 2018

Rota Co-ordinators:

Rota Rota Co-ordinator Office location Extension
Cardiology SpRs Michael QuailDilveer Panesar    
Cardiology SHOs Craig Laurence    
Cardiothoracic SpRs Rose Lake   5734
ICI Emilie Green (Nee Chapman)   7079
ICU James McAllister   0585
MEGGA Emilie Green (Nee Chapman)   7079
Neurology Antonis Kotsonis   6348
Neurosurgery Antonis Kotsonis   6348
Ortho/Spinal SpRs Tom Colton    
Renal Eileen Brennan   5102
Respiratory Doxa Kotzia    
Surgery SHOs Tom Colton   1008
Surgery SpRs Tom ColtonHemanshoo Thakkar   1008
Urology SpRs Alexander Cho (SpR)    

Directorate Reps:

Directorate Name
Brain Marietta Pal-Magdics
Body, Bones and Mind Benan Dala-Ali
Operations and Images Vacant
Sight and Sound Miane Min Yan Ng
Blood, Cells and Cancer Lizzie Rivers
Heart and Lung Janet Lang
International and Private Patients Vacant
Medicines, Therapies and Tests Vacant

JDF Minutes

Any junior doctor can attend the forum meetings or pass on any comments to the JDF leads that they wish to be discussed. Meetings will be considered valid as long as all members have been given notice and given the opportunity to comment on the issues to be discussed.

Monthly meeting dates and times are agreed by consensus. JDF meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month from 12:30 till 14:00 and the fourth Thursday of the month from 13:00 till 14:00 in the Doctors Mess Seminar Room.

If anyone is interested in organising a social event or would like to write articles for the Roundabout, please contact the JDF leads or the PGME department.