Young People's Forum

Get involved and help us improve Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for teenagers by joining our Young People's Forum (YPF).

We are the Young People’s Forum, representing patients aged 10 to 21 in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). 
We have a strong voice in helping to improve the experiences of teenage patients who are treated by GOSH. We get to voice our opinions and make suggestions on a range of topics and issues. We use our own experiences to guide and support the hospital.
The forum was created to make sure that GOSH isn’t just seen as a ‘Children’s Hospital’ – young people need to be represented too, and that’s why the Young People’s Forum is so important!

What we do

We meet six times a year to discuss what we think the hospital should be taking action on, what they are doing well, and get updates on how our views and opinions have impacted care and services.
To keep in touch with one another we use social media to talk about current issues and offer advice to GOSH from a young person’s perspective. There’s always organise lots of other opportunities and events between group meetings.
Some of the projects we have been involved with include: 
  • Participating in takeover week
  • Re-inventing the GOSH food menu
  • Helping redevelopment include young people’s views in their latest designs.
  • Getting involved with recruitment and having young people sit on interview panels.
  • We also have members trained to take part in hospital inspections.
Meetings are as much about us learning new skills as well as facts and information about the hospital.
See what we’ve got up to by reading our meeting minutes, see below. 

Why become a member?

Hear from our members on why they joined:

Hi Everyone, I'm Faiza, I was a patient at GOSH from when I was a few weeks old, up until I was 19. GOSH saved my life, as I was born with a rare and complex form of congenital heart disease.
GOSH will always be like a second home and the YPF is the most amazing and fun group to be part of. Most of us are past patients, current patients and siblings of patients, so we have all been through the difficulties of living with long term conditions and being at GOSH. 

That's what brings us closer together, as no one will ever understand you more than those who have also been through it. It is our voices that matter the most, as we know exactly what other young people need in the most.

Hi, I’m Hannah, I was admitted to GOSH when I was fourteen because of a rare condition. The icing on the cake for the YPF is that it is a great way to make friends. I love the social aspect of the meetings; I always look forward to catching up with friends as well as working to make a difference at GOSH, a place that means a lot to me.

Jamie says: The YPF is a space for young people to get heard. After being treated at Gosh I wanted to make hospital life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! Jamie

Alice says: I wanted to give something back to the hospital for all the work they did for me – as a way of saying thank you.

As a YPF member you'll have lots of opportunities to learn, and be recognised for your contribution to the YPF and GOSH. Our members can include YPF activities on their curriculum vitae (CV) or university applications. You'll build lots of new skills such as how to speak with decision makers and interviewing skills.

How do I join?

To find out more, or to join, email us with:  

  • your name
  • your age
  • whether you're a current patient or sibling of a current patient
  • where you're based
  • any specific areas that interest you or ways you'd like to be involved.