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Morgan Stanley Clinical Building

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is battling with buildings that are nearing the end of their useful lives and must urgently be replaced.

Redevelopment is necessary in order to maintain and advance our position as one of the world’s leading centres for paediatric care and research. We are currently in Phase 2 of our ambitious four phase redevelopment programme. 

Phase 2A, the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, the first part of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre has been constructed and the patients and staff have moved in. 

We are currently in Phase 2B, redevelopment of the cardiac wing. This will create the Premier Inn Clinical Building and achieve our goal to provide modern facilities for all our inpatients, where a parent or carer can stay comfortably by their bedside.  

We are also making preparations for Phase 3A, which will create the Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children. This brand new building will allow us to care for children and young people with rare diseases, learn more about their conditions and discover new treatments. 

Find out more about our public consultation on plans for the Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children

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Find out more about the redevelopment of Great Ormond Street Hospital on our Charity website. 
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