Our Redevelopment programme is creating new facilities appropriate for world-class paediatric care and research and more space to meet the growing demand for our services.

GOSH has been constantly evolving since it opened in an 18th century townhouse in 1852. We are replacing cramped, out of date buildings and planning for the future so we can provide the best care and treatment for more children in safe, spacious surroundings.

We are halfway through an ambitious four-phase redevelopment programme to rebuild two-thirds of the hospital site over a 20-year period.

Phase 2

The current Phase 2 of the programme will create the Mittal Children's Medical Centre, consisting of two new buildings at the heart of the hospital site:

• The Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, which opened in June 2012
• The Premier Inn Clinical Building, which is under construction and is set to open in 2017

Phase 3

We are also making preparations for Phase 3A to create the Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children. This new building will allow us to care for children and young people with rare diseases, learn more about their conditions and discover new treatments.

Development Control Plan

We are also planning for the future. Our site masterplan will identify the redevelopment priorities to the year 2030 to ensure we have the right facilities in place to meet the ever-increasing demand for our services and stay at the forefront of clinical excellence and innovation. We will be posting an update on these plans soon.

Wayfinding System Survey

We are testing a new Interactive Wayfinding system that will show you a ‘photo-real’ 3D walkthrough of your selected journey through Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). After choosing where you need to go, you will be shown your route, through the hospital, right to the entrance of the ward or department.

Please spend some time trying out the online wayfinder and complete our online survey. More information can be found on our wayfinding information sheet or contact the Redevelopment team by email if you have any queries.