What to expect at the GOSH School

Our pupils are at the heart of everything we do at The Children's Hospital School. 

Take a look around our pupils section and find a range of online learning resources for primary and secondary age pupils. 

Hospital School - Kjang in red and teacher by bedside

Coming to the hospital school

Hospital school is probably quite a lot like your normal school – you will find the usual things that you are used to. The staff here will understand how you are feeling and discuss with you how best to support your school work while you are in hospital. Don't worry, the teachers won't make you do too much if you are not feeling up to it and we promise to make it fun!

If you are stuck up on the wards and are a long-stay or recurring patient, teachers will normally visit you at the bedside for up to an hour a day, to help you keep up with your school work. If you able to, you can come down to the schoolroom where you will be able to join in with group learning sessions and other activities.

My hospital, my school

Xavier is a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). He is also a patient at the GOSH school. We gave him a camera to film and document his journey to and from GOSH. Here's what he came up with.

While he is being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Abiddin is studying at the GOSH School. We gave him a camera so he could film his day and tell us why the GOSH School is so important to him.


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