What to expect

Leaving the hospital

We will inform your local hospital or family doctor (GP) that your child is going home and explain any care or support you will need.

Before you leave the ward, check that you have been told and understand the following:

  • what to expect once you get home

  • what to watch for and who to call if you are worried

  • how to contact the ward or department

  • what medications (if any) your child is taking and when

  • how and when to get a repeat prescription of these medications

  • how to use any equipment we have lent you 
  • when to come back to an outpatient appointment (if necessary)

Discharge summary

When your child is ready to go home (or in some cases, the day after), you should expect to receive a discharge summary. Before you leave, please check that we have your correct contact details. 

The discharge summary acts as a record of what happened during your child's hospital stay, what medications have been prescribed and details of any follow-up appointments or treatment required at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Your family doctor (GP) and referring hospital will also receive a copy of the discharge summary to inform them that your child has gone home and to explain any care or support you need.

If you have not received your child's discharge summary within five days of discharge, please contact your child's ward

At home

When you come home from hospital, your child may seem to act younger than before. This sometimes shows up in the form of tantrums, refusing to use a potty or bed-wetting but is quite normal and will stop once your child is back into his or her normal routine.

Your child may also want to continue to play 'hospital' for a while afterwards as this can be a useful way of 'playing out' their experience and showing you that they may have thoughts or questions bothering them.

You can call us if you are worried.