What to bring

Coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital and don't know what to bring? Packing for hospital can take a bit of time. Here are some brilliant tips from our superstar patient, Lottie. That is, if she can keep a straight face...

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Think about clothes that you will need for the daytime and at night. It can be very warm in hospital, sometimes warm enough to wear a T-shirt in winter

Don't forget your washing bag (tooth brush and toothpaste) and anything you need every day.

You might also want to pack computer games, a personal stereo, books and magazines. If you're going to be in hospital for more than a week, you'll also need to bring your schoolwork with you.

Staying in touch

Most people miss their friends when they're in hospital, but they can come in to visit you.

Your family and relatives can usually visit anytime.

There are usually payphones on every ward, and usually computers with internet access, so you could get an email account set up.

If you are staying in hospital for a while friends and family can write to you on the ward that you are staying on. Just ask your nurse for the ward and hospital address.

Your say on what to bring

"Toys, books, a football, teddies and food." Kagan, 7

"I don't take anything." Edward, 9

"Nothing, everything is here at this hospital. I normally take my PSP, ipod, lots of games and some food."
Adam, 11

"A book, notebook and pencil, so you can play hangman and other games." Louise, 9

"MP3 player, a puzzle book and a reading book." Riyanna, 10

"A book and a games console." Michael, 9

"Mum and Dad, a dot-to-dot book, puzzles and DVDs." Jodie, 10

"Playstation games." Stacey, 9

"Board games, food, a gameboy, books and DVDs." Lucy, 9