Coming in as an outpatient

Being an outpatient at Great Ormond Street Hospital means that you will visit a few times but you don't need to stay overnight.
Cartoon drawing of a doctor

Sometimes you might need to come back into hospital many times. This is so the doctors can find out what is wrong and help to make you better. Once you've been in once or twice you'll soon get to know the people there.

You will meet your nurse, the doctor and the rest of his/her team who will look after you.

There's no chance of getting bored, with plenty of videos to watch and computer games. After your treatment, you can choose what you want to eat from a special menu. When you're feeling better after your treatment, and have had something to eat and drink, you'll be able to go home.

The nurses will tell you and your family what to expect after the treatment, and will call you at home the next day to make sure everything is okay.