Advice for when you stay

We have lots of information for your visit or stay to make you feel at ease. Take a look at our pages which are packed with useful advice and tips.
Parents and families video guide

This section has all you need to know about what to bring with you when you come to the hospital. 

Find out what to expect for your arrival on a ward so you can be prepared for your stay. 

Advice on agreeing for treatment and what to expect when preparing for surgery, including anaesthetics

We have lots of support services here at GOSH. Read our guide to helping you cope.

We know that having a child in hospital is difficult, so we aim to relieve some pressure by providing accommodation for patients and families

Our hospital school ensures that no child has to miss out on their education while they are with us. 

Find out what kind of food is available during a stay at GOSH, with this sample menu.

Find out about the facilities and amenities that are available within the hospital.

Information about how to raise a concern you may have about your child while you are in hospital.
What you need to know if you are visiting the hospital from overseas.