Your child's team

Harris International Patient Centre nursing

A centre of excellence with uniquely qualified and trained professionals

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is a highly specialised hospital equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities. Our nurses, doctors and other professionals are uniquely qualified and trained to treat the most complex conditions.


On admission to the ward, you will be introduced to your child’s named nurse. At each change of shift you will also meet the nurse who will take over caring for your child. However, if you have any concerns or questions, and are unable to find your nurse, please ask any member of the nursing team who will be happy to help you.

Our nurses are highly skilled professionals with differing levels of knowledge and experience. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is a world-class teaching hospital and you will meet our nursing students who gain their practical experience by working on the wards under the supervision of our qualified staff.

Like many hospitals, we sometimes need to employ temporary nursing staff. These nurses are always experienced in caring for children and are supervised by our own staff to ensure that our high standard of care is maintained.


Your child’s consultant, supported by a team of specialist doctors, has overall responsibility for his or her treatment and care. They will review your child regularly and be available to answer your questions. The Harris International Patient Centre also has its own consultant led ward based team of doctors who see patients on a daily basis and act as a link between the child’s consultant, nurses and you. They will also be able to answer many of your questions.

If your child is admitted under the care of either a Metabolic or Neurology/Neurosurgical consultant, junior doctors from these teams will see your child on a daily basis.

Patient advocates

Our patient advocates are available to help all our parents and can be contacted via the nursing staff. They provide an invaluable link between families and our medical and nursing teams to ensure good communication. Greek and Arabic speaking advocates who understand medical terms are available for translation as well as general help and support with settling into life at the Harris International Patient Centre and in London generally. Patient Advocacy & Liaison Service The Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service (Pals) is also available to provide help and support to families. This is located on the ground floor of the Variety Club building.

Social worker

We have a social worker who is also able to provide support with many aspects of life within and outside the hospital. Although she tries to meet with all families on admission, this is not always possible. If you would like to see the social worker or would like to learn more about how she may be able to help you, please speak to the nursing staff.

Care coordinator

Our care coordinator works closely with our nursing staff to ensure that everything is organised in terms of discharge supplies and funding for special equipment, before your child goes home. The care coordinator also acts as a contact point before and after discharge. She will answer any questions you may have prior to admission and help with follow-up appointments as required.


If your child needs any follow up care after discharge, this may be organised within the outpatients department. If so, you will be given an appointment card with details of the treatment, appointments and details of whom to contact if you have any queries or concerns. Our private outpatients department is called Caterpillar outpatients and is located on level 2 of the Harris International Patient Centre.