Meet our staff

Listen to inspiring audio interviews with some of the staff who work at Great Ormond Street Hospital and learn what their role involves.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (Pals) manager

Luke Murphy is the Pals Service Manager, which supports families with help, information and guidance when facing significant challenges during their child’s stay in hospital.

Luke Murphy

Listen to Luke talk about his role

Play specialist

Sasha Morris is a play specialist, which means she encourages patients to use play as a way of preparing for surgery and procedures.

Sasha Morris

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Gillian Cheyne is a radiographer who works with CT, MRI and X-rays to examine the internal structure of patient’s body to help reach diagnosis or aid treatment.

Gillian Cheyne

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Anaesthetic consultant

Isabeau Walker is an anaesthetic consultant who looks after children at a time when they are having a major operation, or if they are on an intensive care ward.

Isabeau Walker

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Head of Dietetics

Vanessa Shaw heads the Dietetics department, where she oversees a team of dieticians who look after the nutritional needs of the hospital’s patients.

Vanessa Shaw

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Director of CATS

Andy Petros leads the child acute transport service, which provides a unique service for children requiring intensive care treatment while being taken to hospital.

Andy Petros

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Consultant clinical psychologist

Daniela Hearst is a consultant clinical psychologist, who works with children and families to help them psychologically adapt to an illness.

Daniela Hearst

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Speech and language therapist

Marie Pinkstone is a speech and language therapist, who operates within the cleft palate team and focuses on speech, language and communication.

Marie Pinkstone

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Clinical nurse specialist

Clare Gilmour is a clinical nurse specialist. She provides specialised care for patients, in this case specialising in immunology, while also supporting families through their child's treatment.

Listen to Clare talk about her role

Paediatric gastroenterologist

Neil Shah works as a paediatric gastroenterologist, which means that he is an expert who concentrates on providing care for children’s gut conditions.

Listen to Neil talk about his role