Meet our Genomics Team

Clinda Puvirajasinghe

Clinda is a clinical scientist at GOSH. She has enjoyed working on a variety of projects at GOSH including the 100,000 Genome Project. She was also accepted onto the Scientist Training Programme (STP), a prestigious three-year programme of work-based learning that is supported by a University accredited master's degree.

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Martin Slater

Martin works in the breast cancer and ovarian cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening and cancer pre-symptomatic testing team. He enjoys working at GOSH because of the team collaboration and wealth of knowledge and resources at hand.

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Anthony Gait

Anthony has been working at GOSH for eight years. He has worked in a variety of teams on different projects, and has this year gained his clinical scientist registration - a fantastic six-year training programme complete with portfolio.

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At Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we have a variety of scientist and technologist roles that help to transform our patients' lives through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Here, you can meet some of the scientists and technologists in our Genetics laboratory, explore some of the exciting and varied opportunities and learn what it's like to work at GOSH.

Before you start to meet some of the friendly faces in our Genetics laboratory, take a look at the GHL Scientist and Technologist career structure:

Genomics Laboratory Hub Scientist & Technologist Career Structure