Daniel Cardoso, Centre Coordinator Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre

Daniel Cardoso, Centre Coordinator Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre

As a young graduate in Business Management from Queen Mary University, Daniel Cardoso, even before he became a Dad of two, had always been interested in helping children. He did not come from a medical or clinical education and arrived at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) via a different route.

“A friend told me how much he loved working at GOSH and recognised how good I was with kids, and encouraged me to sign up with the bank (essentially a job agency within a hospital).”

Daniel enrolled with the GOSH bank and very quickly was deployed into a busy temporary Band 2 role as a Medical Records Receptionist.

“The role lasted two weeks but I got to meet a lot of staff, and this spurred me on to keep working at GOSH as the working atmosphere was really friendly.”

People focused role

Daniel’s experience of the bank system was positive as it provided him with a “good, quick way of experiencing the hospital”. Daniel’s career trajectory was swift and he moved to become a Band 3 as an Administrative Assistant in the Gastro Department. Within six months, Daniel had transitioned within Gastro to a Band 4 Coordinator.

From there Daniel secured his first permanent role as Medical PA in the Nephrology Department. “Though this was a position I loved, I wanted to bring my business degree to bear and pursue my interest in data management and analytics.” Daniel sought out a position as an Information Officer Band 4 and 12 months later became Centre Coordinator in the Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre.

In his current role, Daniel line manages two reports. This extra responsibility coupled with the more public facing dimension to his work are aspects Daniel really relishes.

“I enjoy the ability to meet patients and families, and this role is very people focused.”

He adds, gesturing towards the door: “We normally have this office door open to the main reception, so that we can see and hear the patients running through, playing in the ball pit.”

Closely knit team culture

Asked what defines his current role from the varied positions he has worked in before at GOSH, Daniel explains the team he works in now is “very small and closely knit”. And for those considering GOSH as a future career option and remembering how his friend encouraged him at the start of his own GOSH journey, Daniel confirms: “Definitely just go for it, as it is a unique experience at GOSH, with a friendly culture. The focus is on the patient journey and the outcome.”He adds:

“And as someone who works here, you feel more enriched knowing that you are contributing in this way.”

For Daniel, GOSH remains a place in which careers can be built, as evidenced by the types of roles he has secured. Daniel describes his current management role as one of his greatest achievements and his “dream job”. Daniel aims to grow his own small team, to provide them with the same levels of support and encouragement, which he has received throughout his career to date.

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