Weekend Club

Watch this Great Ormond Street video podcast to hear from Jo and Hardeep about their roles in the Weekend Club - as volunteers at the hospital.

If the video is not showing please watch it on YouTube

A lot of fun

Jo: "I help out with Weekend Club, which is basically a youth club for the kids because at the weekends they have nothing to do on the wards so they’re really bored. All their siblings that come to visit them as well don’t have much to do. For the kids that can’t come down to the Activity Centre we go up to the wards, take them arts and crafts and play games with them up in their rooms as well."

Hardeep: "I’d say when you’re with the children you can really see that they’re having a lot of fun. There are never any children that come down to the Activity Centre that don’t want to be there."

Jo: "It’s nice to know that you’ve helped sick children enjoy their weekend when their stuck in hospital. Everyone knows how boring it can be in hospital, especially if you’re a child."

Forget about being in hospital

Hardeep: "It’s definitely a chance to completely forget about being in hospital, none of the children are focused on that when they are playing a game. I think it probably has an impact even once we have stopped playing with them."

Leadership training

Jo: "I have had leadership training through this program which has been really good, communication training as well which has been really good for all aspects of my life. It has given me a lot of confidence and self-belief."

Hardeep: "I think coming in regularly for a long period of time shows a lot of commitment to something. I’d say either; if you’ve never volunteered before it is definitely one of the best volunteering opportunities out there, you just have a direct impact on the children; the fact that they’re in hospital makes it that much more important and that much more special."

It's rewarding

Jo: "Anyone that’s got spare time at the weekend should definitely join the volunteering program. It’s so much fun, all the volunteers are really nice, you get a lot out of it, it’s rewarding."

Hardeep: "The best bit is… all of it really. All of the volunteers just have such a good time and it’s really busy. It’s just great!"