Sam and Michael, Information desk

Watch this Great Ormond Street video podcast to hear from Sam and Michael about their work on the information desk - as volunteers at the hospital.

If the video is not showing please watch it on YouTube

An ideal opportunity

Sam: "I have volunteered for local things in my community, but never such a big thing like this."

Michael: "I have now been at Great Ormond Street Hospital for 21 years. I came here soon after I retired, I had retired early from business, and Great Ormond Street offered me an opportunity which I thought would be ideal!"

Sam: "My daughter was here about 12 years ago, she was very ill, and basically the hospital saved her life."

Michael: "I believe that what we are doing here is very useful to people that come in. Whatever information they want – whether they do not know where to go in the hospital, whether they want to go somewhere during the day because their child is in hospital and needs to be there all the time. We are aware of all the facilities there are in London, fairly near to the hospital, there is a lot going on for them."

Everyday is different

Sam: "I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy being a help and trying to help somebody, and obviously giving my time to the hospital. Every day is different."

Michael: "There is nothing worse than doing a job that is boring – this is totally the opposite."

Sam: "You learn a new thing every day."

Michael: "If it was the same week after week, week after week, it would be boring and I probably would not have stayed."

It is an amazing place

Sam: "It is lovely when it is busy, and it is lovely when people come up and thank you afterwards."

Michael: "I enjoy it, and I feel that by being here I can help everybody that wants some help."

Sam: "It is nice when you recognise people and they walk past and smile."

Michael: "People are very grateful for what we are doing for their children."

Sam: "It’s an amazing place."