Pandora, Befriender

Watch this Great Ormond Street video podcast to hear from Pandora about her role as a Befriender - a volunteer at the hospital.

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It is so important to do things locally

Hi, I’m Pandora.

I volunteer at Great Ormond Street (GOSH) because; I did some volunteering internationally in South America and I suddenly realised how important it is to do things locally. When I came back here it was really good to get involved in London.

I work with a boy who’s 16 years old and from Columbia, I go every week to see him to teach him English. For an hour we do a session together, teaching as much as I can.

The best bit has been when we did some English verbs and after absolutely ages of going through the “I, you, he, she, it, we, they, from” he finally got there with about 5 verbs in English.

Learning a little bit more

I think I’m impacting quite a lot because he is just being more confident with me and hopefully learning a little bit more English and he’ll be able to use that with his friends and with people in the hospital.

I can just see it, maybe it’s just my relationship with him, but I can really see it coming out of him and just being a bit more confident and cool about everything.

I really love it

The ability to just give someone time and know what that feels like, to make someone… not necessarily particularly happy but just give them your time and some company and to hang out, it’s really, really nice. And to be with young people is really cool.

I’ve always tried to get people to volunteer, it’s so important and so good because it’s your own community and that’s the intrinsic form of life – just be with your own community and do what you can to volunteer, I love it.

It’s so good, I really love it.