Amy and Rosy, Activities Befrienders

Watch this Great Ormond Street video podcast to hear from Amy and Rosy about their roles as Activities Befrienders - volunteers at the hospital.

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A typical day?

Amy: “A typical day? Just screaming, cuddling, that’s the first thing”

Rosy: “Then getting mess everywhere, like glue and glitter. We’ve had a theme for the last few weeks. We’ve had the Royal wedding theme…”

Amy: “Yeh, we made crowns”

Rosy: “The kids got so in to it, and they actually like to produce something and be really creative. They felt that they could be part of it and stuff.”

Amy: “What else did we do? I met Winnie the Pooh, and Eeyore.”

Rosy: “That was a good day. Oh and we do a lot of sport with them as well to make them get out of bed and be active and stuff.”

Get them moving

Amy: “We’ve got the cones to throw…”

Rosy: “...ring tossing, and we’ve got some balls that you throw into a little net. Just anything to get them up and moving and to get them out of bed.”

Amy: “Even just throwing and catching.”

Rosy: “It’s such a great atmosphere in the hospital, obviously it’s an intense place…”

Amy: “I have never ever seen a child upset when I’ve come in, because I’m literally there to play.”

Rosy: “It just lets them be normal for half an hour, an hour, and lets them kind of forget where they are and yeh, just be kids again I guess.”


Amy: I literally think it is some of what a play specialist does, because obviously we meet them around the wards, and this is what you [Rosy] want to do isn’t it?”

Rosy: “Yeh, I want to go into play therapy, so for that it’s absolutely ideal.”

Amy: “We’re actually appreciated, and I’m doing something good.”

Rosy: “Worthwhile.”

Amy: “I will just keep saying it – it’s amazing, I love it.”