At Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) we offer apprenticeship opportunities for a number of different roles and these provide an excellent opportunity if you are looking to get started in a career with the NHS.

Currently we have apprentices undertaking work as administrators and assistants on our wards and laboratories and in areas such as human resources and organisational development, estates and facilities and our staff nursery. The majority are undertaking apprenticeships in Business and Administration but we are exploring Child and Workforce apprenticeships and looking to broaden the apprenticeship qualifications we offer to pharmacy, hospitality and ICT in the future.

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme focusing on the whole job, not just your individual skills, and will provide you with a set of vocational and functional skills qualifications, including English, Maths and ICT. Anyone over the age of 16 who is not in full time education can apply to be an apprentice. 

Apprenticeship qualifications are delivered in the workplace and you will be learning on the job while receiving training from experienced staff. Here at GOSH, it can be an opportunity for both new and existing staff. Our entry level apprenticeship opportunities are typically band 2-4 roles and normally last from 12 months to four years, depending on the type of programme.  

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Apprenticeship vacancies

You can search all our current apprenticeship vacancies via:

Dr Peter Steer, CEO, with the apprentices

Apprentice events

GOSH promoted their Apprenticeship Programme during National Apprenticeship Week (March 2015), culminating in a certification ceremony for some of our current apprentices in the Lagoon. The ceremony gave the opportunity to celebrate and recognise apprenticeship successes at GOSH and nine recent GOSH apprentices were presented their certificates by GOSH Chief Executive, Dr Peter Steer.

“GOSH is striving to create a good working and learning environment for young people and current staff and our apprenticeship scheme has been running since 2012,” explains Peter.

We are proud to have developed a unique apprenticeship model here in that we offer real job vacancies with a guarantee of a permanent position at the end of the apprenticeship for new apprentices we have recruited. 

Our retention rates show us that this is working with over 70 per cent of our new apprentices remaining at GOSH and many going on to further learning. 

This is exactly the kind of employer I see GOSH as – an employer of choice, one that invests in its staff and aims to create fantastic learning opportunities for people.” 

At GOSH, we also have regular open forums for apprentices to meet with one another, share experiences and stay connected.


Meet Vesta

Vesta Fosu, Administrator and Bookings Clerk, has recently taken part in an apprenticeship at GOSH. 

“It has been a great way of identifying the skills I possess as an administrator and how to develop them. I love how everything is done during my work hours. My assessor is very helpful and open about my opportunities after I receive my diploma in business and administration.

“If you have been in a role for a while at GOSH and want to improve, look into doing an apprenticeship. You get better skills and, if you qualify, it does not cost anything and could lead to further qualifications.

“I was recently selected by our training provider to visit 10 Downing Street during National Apprenticeship Week. It was a great experience. We got to meet the Prime Minister and the Chancellor and we were really pleased when they even stopped to have a little chat!”

GOSH is moving forward with apprenticeships – don’t get left behind!