Nursing in our International Service

Dalal with Nurse Yanka

The International Service is a private patient unit within Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (GOSH). Our team of extraordinary nurses provide lifesaving care for children with rare and complex conditions from around the world.

The International Service provides an essential additional income stream for the hospital, ensuring NHS patients continue to get the essential care they need. As a tertiary and quaternary hospital, most of our patients have rare and complex conditions. For a lot of our families, we represent their last hope, as they have been unable to get treatment in their home countries. We see 5,000 patients from over 90 countries every year. The majority of our inpatients are sponsored by their home governments.

Our cancer and mixed-specialty wards, alongside our international patient mix, provides you with unique clinical knowledge and an experience unrivalled across the UK. We are proud to be part of the NHS, and all of our nurses are on NHS contracts. Our nurses share the same benefits, resources and facilities as all other teams at GOSH.

GOSH has the largest paediatric nurse education programme in Europe, offering you extensive education opportunities and the chance to build an extraordinary career. We also offer unique cultural training opportunities and the chance to work within a truly international team.

You don't need paediatric experience to work with us; we welcome nurses from all clinical backgrounds and from overseas. Our friendly and dedicated Practice Development Team will ensure you get the training and support you need. To find out more information about nursing within the International Service, please visit our dedicated website.

Bumblebee Ward

Bumblebee Ward is located on level 5 of the Octav Botnar Wing in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The ward has 18 single patient and parent rooms and a 3 bedded area. The ward cares for children and young people, aged up to 16 years, from over 20 differing specialties.

As a nurse on Bumblebee Ward you will look after children from medicine and surgical specialties including, but not limited to, neuroscience, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, plastics and craniofacial.

Butterfly Ward

Butterfly Ward is located on level 4 of the Octav Botnar Wing.

It is a 22 bedded ward including 4-day case beds and 4 Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) isolation rooms.

Whilst the patient mix is predominantly haematology/ oncology/immunology, gene therapy and BMT, patients from all specialties can be treated here.

Hedgehog Ward 

Hedgehog Ward is a mixed speciality ward, located on Level 3 of the Variety Club Building in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Children between 0-16 years are cared for on Hedgehog Ward, in 10 single en-suite patient rooms. Hedgehog Ward was opened in 2016.

Caterpillar Outpatients

Caterpillar Outpatients is located on level 2 of the Octav Botnar Wing. Caterpillar is an outpatient department treating children with a wide range of conditions. The department has 10 consulting rooms, plus one isolation room for infectious patients. It also offers a range of specialty clinics. The department contains a treatment room for nursing procedures, a height and weight room and a dedicated cardiac clinic room.

Regular clinics are led by consultants from a wide range of different clincial specialities including: haematology and oncology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, respiratory, neurology, specialist neonatal and paediatric surgery, physiotherapy and dermatology.

In addition, nurse led clinics and lists are undertaken which support the shared care model for haematology/oncology outpatients based in London.

Contact us

If you are interested in working in the International Service, or would like more information, please visit our dedicated website.

You can find our jobs vacancies listed with all GOSH jobs on NHS jobs. If you are interested in a nursing role that is not advertised, or would like an informal discussion/visit, please contact our Head of Nursing,