Career development

There are many career development opportunities for nurses at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). All cardio-respiratory nurses are given the opportunity to progress through an orientation and development programme. 

Band 5 nurse orientation programme

All new Band 5 nurses will undergo:

  • a hospital induction programme
  • a one-week joint respiratory and cardiac induction programme
  • a supernumerary period working with a mentor or other education team member tailored according to your needs.  This may be as short as four weeks if you are experienced or as long as three months if you are a newly qualified nurse
  • you will also be issued a band 5 competency folder and a generic hospital skills log. In addition you will be required to complete medication administration competencies

A sample of what to expect in the first six months is below:

  • Week 1 Orientation to cardio-respiratory 
  • Weeks 2 – 4  Supernumerary time on the ward with completion of essential competencies; commence IV and oral workbooks; initial interview with team leader or preceptor
  • Weeks 4 – 12 Continuation of competencies; setting of six-month objectives; by this stage you will be able to care for ward patients by yourself and will have had the chance to work alongside education staff within the high dependency bays
  • Six months Completion of competencies; by this stage you should be caring for most patients on the ward or in high dependency

On-going Band 5 development

Support, education and development is available to everyone on the cardiac and respiratory wards.  You will be able to develop more complex clinical skills, look after students and new starters and will have the support of the education team to enable you to develop. 

Throughout your first year there will be various study days run by the education team including a high dependency day. You will also have the opportunity to apply for a mentor qualification; clinical work based learning courses (with academic credit) and a cardiac foundation course.  

Once you feel ready, you will be supported to take charge of the ward and develop skills to enable you to apply for a senior staff nurse post. 

Band 6 Development

We welcome applications from external hospitals for senior staff nurse posts. As with band 5 nursing, there is a structured orientation programme and a shorter supernumerary period. As a band 6 you will be supported to become competent in managing the ward. There will be the chance to attend the hospital band 6 development programmes and to participate in individual performance reviews of band 5 staff within your team. 

For senior band 6 nurses there is the opportunity to attend a leadership programme to prepare you for progressing to band 7 positions. In cardiorrespiratory there is also the opportunity to rotate to one of the clinical nurse specialist teams.