Nursing in our Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (video transcript)

Transcript of video about what it's like to be a Cardiac Intensive Care nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). The video can be viewed on the nursing in our Cardiac Intensive Care Unit page or alternatively, you can also watch it here on YouTube.

Narrator: At GOSH, we have the largest intensive care unit for children in the UK and demand for our services mean that we are looking to recruit more Critical Care nursing staff to join us.

Suzanne Cullen, Head of Nursing: Cardiac Intensive Care (known as Flamingo Ward) care for children not only having cardiac and thoracic illness but also children who are undergoing heart or lung transplant, tracheal reconstruction, pulmonary hypertension, ECMO and children who require a Berlin Heart as a bridge to transplant.

Anja Fierens, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cardiorespiratory Unit: So in my current role, I’m not just looking after children on the intensive care ward. I facilitate the journey through intensive care by, for example, non-medical prescribing, by clerking patients, by discharging patients, by retrieving children via road and air and by liaising with multiple teams in the hospital.

Orla Hogan, Staff Nurse, Cardiorespiratory Unit: Once you begin on the ward, you do get introduced to the preceptorship programme which gives you a mentor who can supervise you for your clinical competencies. This is really really good because when you do start on the ward, it is really scary and it is really comforting to have someone there by your side to help you along the way.

Anja: I think there is a place for everyone. You know, it doesn’t matter if you’re gobby or if you’re quiet, if you enjoy one thing or another, you certainly will find a place to fit in.

Orla: Over the last seven months, I have learned so many skills, probably too many to mention, cleaning sternotomy wounds, changing the wound dressings. Also, I’ve completed my IV competencies so I’m able to give my patients the medication they need.

Anja: Senior nurses at GOSH have developed and have gained more advanced nursing skills and it has become part of our role that we prescribe, that we diagnose and that we move patients on, and the consultants here have been very accepting and very supportive and it’s now part of the daily process, and if it’s not a question any more if a nurse is able to do a certain task, it’s just normal.

I have regained my passion for nursing because it’s such a fantastic place to work, and also, you know, you get so many opportunities.

Orla: The advice I’d give to anyone considering working at GOSH would be not to hesitate, just to go for it. For me, I didn’t think that I would get the job and that I was setting myself up a bit too high but when I got the job I was absolutely thrilled, I just couldn’t believe my luck, and seven months on, I feel exactly the same.

Narrator: If you’re interested in joining our Critical Care services team, you can find more information on our website at As well as details of current vacancies, you’ll find contact details for the different units and information about how to arrange an informal visit. We look forward to meeting you.