Grand rounds

Grand Round is open to all professionals, wishing to know more about showcasing commendable research and novel therapies. It has achieved a high-level of popularity amongst all staff within and beyond the Trust.

Once a week, we invite a guest speaker to present on a topic of interest, focusing on innovative medical challenges and change and the latest research and treatments in specialist areas from 1-1:45pm.

This is a great opportunity for sharing knowledge and improving patient care.

Tuesday, 28th April 2020

The Virology and Transmission of COVID-19 Professor Judith Breuer (Professor of Virology, UCL. Consultant Virologist, GOSH)

Wednesday, 6th May 2020

Children and Coronavirus: The GOSH story so far - GOSH Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Teams

Tuesday, 12th May 2020

Children and Coronavirus: The GOSH story continues... - GOSH Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Teams

Wednesday, 20th May 2020

Meeting the challenges of mental health effects on children during COVID-19 - Lee Hudson, Jon Goldin & Psychiatry Trainees, and John Forrester & the Mental Health Nursing Team

The event is open to all staff members. No booking required!

If you would like to present at a Grand Round, please contact the PGME Education Officer on ext. 0523.

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