Coaching and mentoring

Encouraging and supporting the development of coaching conversations and mentoring in the workplace can bring about enormous benefits to both staff and patient care as well as supporting the implementation of the GOSH People Strategy.


Receiving mentoring enables an individual to develop capability and potential in their job role. Mentoring supports personal, professional and career development, builds awareness and exposure to issues from someone more experienced or with a particular set of experiences.

Mentoring significantly impacts upon recruitment and retention due to the positive impacts on employee engagement, leading to better patient outcomes including safer, more effective care.

At GOSH we offer mentoring support to staff as part of formal programmes as well to those who have identified a need for a mentor through their annual PDR.


Using a coaching style and managers having coaching style conversations can offer real benefits, supporting staff, increasing resilience and helping individuals and teams to perform more effectively. Managers can use coaching conversations in many of their everyday dealings with staff to help individuals understand and articulate their thoughts and to take greater ownership of issues.

We offer two workshops on coaching conversations for managers.

The GOSH Mentoring Service launches March 2021

Having a mentor allows you to:

  • Work closely with someone who is not in a ‘line management role' or directly involved in the assessment or appraisal of your work
  • Seek the advice and wisdom of experienced individuals with a different perspective on your professional challenges
  • Improve your interpersonal skills & confidence
  • Develop your interests, skills and knowledge

The GOSH Mentoring Service enables you to access mentoring support in the following areas (subject to a suitable mentor being available)

  • Career Development – preparing for a new role/promotion
  • Return to work following long absences
  • Apprenticeships
  • Support if involved with/considering research
  • Understanding of the NHS
  • Dealing positively with change

Mentorship is an incredibly rewarding experience and we have GOSH mentors available now. Each mentee will receive a personalised matching service to make sure you are matched to the mentor who can best support your needs.

If you are thinking of developing your career, are on an apprenticeship, are returning from a long period of absence, are moving into research or thinking about promotion then please get in touch – we may be able to support you.

Please download a mentee expression of interest form and return to

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We are still looking out for more mentors - COULD YOU BE ONE?

‘One of my main reasons is making a difference and being able to support someone to meet their goals and achieve their potential’
We are looking for experienced staff Trust-wide to join our mentoring service and support their colleagues and help make GOSH a Great Place to Work

If you can help please complete the following and return to

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