Management of chest drains in Children

A multi-professional training course covering all aspects of caring for a child or young person requiring a chest drain including insertion, management and removal.

Delivered by our cardiothoracic department and led by Mr Nagarajan Muthialu, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon.


Specific learning objectives:

  • To understand the physiology of Chest drain
  • To understand the indications for Chest drain insertion.
  • To interpret pneumothorax and pleural effusion in Chest X rays.
  • Learning techniques of Chest drain insertion and safe removal.
  • To recognize and manage chest drains and associated complications.

Teaching & assessment methods:

The course includes lectures and demonstration of correct drain insertion, management, and removal of chest drains.

Once you have attended the course you will need to complete the post-course materials - post-course quiz and evaluation - in order to receive your certificate.

Who should apply: All-level doctors, cardiothoracic surgery, radiology, ICU and ward nurses and nurse practitioners, anyone managing a chest drain.

How to sign up

Upcoming dates:

August 18th 2023

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