Learning Disabilities: Essential Skills & Simulation

Actors from the Baked Bean Charity and staff from the clinical simulation centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital are demonstrating a clinical scenario. Ema-Mae and Gabrielle are encouraging Daniel to take some medicine whilst smiling and playing with him. Lauren is supporting Daniel as his Mum  whilst Gareth is observing

Our blended learning two day virtual course is designed to enhance the skills of staff working within healthcare to improve the care provision for people with a learning disability.

Our course merges simulation scenarios with focused lectures, case based discussions and workshops, where candidates can explore key issues surrounding working with children and young people with learning disabilities.

We will be supported by the Baked Bean Charity, an acting company founded to support people with learning disabilities pursue a career in the arts.

Learn more about the Baked Bean Theatre Company on their website.

These trained actors not only bring the scenarios to life by realistically playing the role of parents and patients, but also provide invaluable insights based on their lived experience of receiving care as a person with a learning disability.


  • For staff to gain the skills and knowledge to support patients and families living with a learning disability, in the context of the clinical setting.
  • For staff to have a greater awareness and understanding of the importance of providing reasonable adjustments, in order to reduce health inequalities for people with learning disabilities.
  • For staff to have an increased awareness of the challenges that people with learning disabilities face when accessing the hospital setting.

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