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The art of facilitating clinical simulation

As part of the hospital’s commitment to education, the Clinical Simulation Centre collaborated with teams of physiotherapists from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), The Royal Brompton Hospital and Sarah Wright, a physiotherapist based at Lady Cilento Hospital, Queensland, to deliver a series of training and simulation sessions.

Technology Spotlight: Leadership Cameras

Leadership simulation involves the close observation of one individual’s actions to provide greater insight into that individual’s performance throughout a simulation. This can make for more thorough debriefing and therefore a more effective learning experience for all learners involved, even if only observing.

Technology Spotlight: ActivExpression Response System

Secret ballots are a good way to encourage clinical simulation learners to contribute to group sessions without the pressure of potentially giving a wrong answer in front of the group. The Promethean ActivExpression Learner Response System is one way of introducing secret ballots into a clinical simulation education programme.

International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops Conference

Liz Akers, Richard Paget and Amy Leonard attended the International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops Conference in Boston in June, which joined global experts in the world’s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to paediatric and perinatal simulation.