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Clinical Simulation Centre signage

The Clinical Simulation Centre has replicated clinical rooms to provide immersive environments which simulate clinical scenarios for staff training.

Staff are debriefed on their performance afterwards in the Audiovisual Debriefing and Lecture room. The centre can be hired out for filming and other training events.

All the rooms are air conditioned and noise isolated.

To request to book the centre, please fill out our Clinical Simulation Centre booking request form and return it to simulation@gosh.nhs.uk

Until further notice, all bookings must adhere to our CSC Pandemic Booking Policy. Please read the policy and plan your proposed booking accordingly.

The centre can also arrange loans of its equipment to GOSH staff for teaching purposes. To request to book any of the centre's equipment, please fill out our CSC Equipment Booking Form and return it to simulation@gosh.nhs.uk.

A catalogue page with a full list and pictures of the CSC's equipment for loan is currently under construction.

Contact simulation@gosh.nhs.uk for any further queries.

Intensive Care and Theatre Room

Equipment levels are adjusted according to setting and the nature of the critical illness scenario. Explore the Intensive Care and Theatre Room in 360°.

Ward Cubicle or Parents' Room

Equipment levels are adjusted according to setting and the nature of the scenario.

Scenario and Manikin Control Room

The room has two, one-way glass windows and camera control consoles to record training sessions for the debrief.

Audiovisual Debriefing and Lecture Room

The room can be set out in boardroom, lecture or circular formats. Catering and beverage options are available.