LEaD (Learning, Education and Development)

LEaD (Learning, Education and Development) is the collective name for the educational departments at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). LEaD provides a wealth of learning and development opportunities for all our staff.

LEaD is made up of the central Education and Training team, the Post Graduate Medical Education team (PGME) and the Nurse Education team. We are committed to the ongoing training, development and education of our staff regardless of profession, role status or background.

Education, learning and development underpin our focus to deliver world-class clinical care and innovative clinical research as reflected in the Trust strategic aim to 'recruit, train and retain the very best staff'. Last year, more than 10,440 course places were filled across all learning and development activities.

Our core principle is - first and foremost - to ensure GOSH staff have the ability, skills, knowledge and expertise to provide a high quality, safe and effective service and that learning is affected without compromising efficient service delivery.

Staff and organisation development needs are influenced by external factors as well as internal service developments and these factors demand our prospectus be continually reviewed and updated to ensure it remains relevant.

Our education strategy

Our education strategy is designed to meet the Trust's vision of excellence, innovation and integration for the health of children and young people. The core principles are:

  • All learning must support safety, clinical outcomes and the patient experience.
  • The education strategy will support continuing clinical competence and clinical excellence by ensuring staff develop the knowledge and skills required to fulfil their role through equitable access to appropriate learning.
  • GOSH will be a lead provider of educational opportunities for child health professionals locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We will continue to develop the leadership, management and team-working capacity of the Trust.
  • The learning portfolio will facilitate organisational development and workforce redesign.
  • To ensure all statutory and mandatory training obligations are met.
  • All learning can be seen to have a positive impact in the workplace.
  • Good practice and success is celebrated and shared.
  • The commercial potential of GOSH education is realised.
  • Support staff to develop their careers and fulfil potential.

Personal development

To ensure our staff meet the appropriate levels of knowledge and skills to perform their roles effectively, we encourage annual personal development reviews (PDRs).

The PDRs are created in partnership between the appraiser and appraisee and provide an opportunity to reflect on the previous year, agree new objectives and identify the learning needed to meet those objectives and support career development.

Online learning

Learning is provided at GOSH through a variety of forms including traditional classroom-based learning, simulation training, social learning and networking and via our successful online campus - GOLD (GOSH Online Learning and Development). GOLD provides a blended approach to learning and development via formal and informal learning enabling staff to share skills, knowledge and collaborate with colleagues across the Trust.

Our Education Services bring together a team who are passionate about learning and the provision of an innovative educational programme that supports service and career development.