Medical students

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a specialist children's hospital providing state-of-the-art management and research in paediatric conditions.

With an emphasis on serious and rare disorders, the hospital is not an appropriate choice if you wish to learn about general paediatrics or neonatology. Similarly, as we do not have a casualty department, you will not have the opportunity to learn about paediatric accident and emergency.

However, GOSH is an excellent choice if you are seeking further experience of specialties dealing with tertiary conditions. Please bear in mind that although some departments do follow patients into adulthood, the majority only deal with children aged up to 18.

Role and responsibilities

One of the main aims of student attachments is to learn about clinical paediatrics. It is therefore essential that you are allowed to:

  • talk to parents
  • examine patients
  • gain access to results and investigations

You will be supervised by a responsible clinician or consultant to make sure you do not engage in any activity beyond your level of competence or pose a risk to the child, parents or other team members.

However, you will be permitted to:

  • take a history from children and their parents
  • examine children
  • access written and computerised patient records
  • observe procedures
  • attend investigations
  • present patients on the ward round and/or clinical meetings and discuss patient details with other members of the team
  • review additional patient information for audit, research or other official projects

You must therefore:

  • respect patient consent and confidentiality at all times. In particular, you should be careful not to have clinical-related discussions outside designated medical areas.  
  • be aware of and adhere to GOSH policies, particularly regarding child protection and child safety within the hospital and their specialty areas. You should make your supervisor aware of any issues as a matter of urgency. 
  • inform the team immediately of new health or probity issues that may affect your dealings with children, parents or other team members.
  • students must be covered by their own medical indemnity insurance.

Potential areas for your placement

Students can apply to the following paediatric departments:

Anaesthetics- Please contact Mike Sury (

Metabolic medicine

Audiological medicine



Neurology/Developmental paediatrics

Clinical Genetics





Paediatric intensive care




Respiratory medicine

Infectious diseases


Fees and charges

Please be aware that all official visitors to GOSH need to be registered and approved before they can gain access to the hospital. You will need to undergo the same Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and occupational health checks as our paid employees.

It can take a few weeks to obtain DBS clearance. This time is beyond our control and you will not be allowed on the wards until these checks are completed. Therefore we express all correct identification documents should be submitted as requested.

UK Students are within the Undergraduate Elective Scheme.

Overseas students are charged a fee to cover administration and teaching support.

All students are expected to complete safeguarding children

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is defined as:

  • protecting children (0 – 18 birthday) from maltreatment

  • preventing impairment of children’s health or development

  • ensuring children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes

Please read the enclosed information before you apply.

For more information please contact:

Peter Stow, PGME Services Advisor, or 020 7405 9200 (ext 0066)