Eagle Ward video transcript

Transcript of video about Eagle Ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

The video can be viewed on the main Eagle Ward page or alternatively, you can also watch it on YouTube.
Michelle, patient and narrator: “There are many wards at Great Ormond Street Hospital, each helping children in different ways. My name is Michelle and I’m going to show you around Eagle Ward."

Staff and patients in the corridor: “Hi Michelle!”

Michelle: “Eagle Ward helps children with renal conditions, such as problems with your kidneys.

“All single rooms have an en-suite bathroom and a place where Mum or Dad can sleep.

[Michelle speaks to Amanda, a Staff Nurse on the ward]

Michelle: “So Amanda, you’re a nurse here – what do you like about your job?”

Amanda: “The think I like most is getting to meet patients like yourself and your families and also giving you a high standard of care like the dialysis you have when you come in.

Michelle: “I love getting to know the nurses and meeting patients – everything really, it’s fun.”

Michelle: “Parents can use the beverage bay to make hot drinks or snacks or if they just want a break from the ward.

“There’s an amazing sensory room and two playrooms on the ward – one for teenagers and one for younger kids. This is the place I like to play video games.

“You can find Eagle Ward on level 7 of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre.”