Cheetah outpatients

Cheetah outpatients is on Level 2 of the Variety Club Building (VCB) at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Cheetah cares for children with complex general surgery conditions, including cardiology, dermatology, rheumatology and gastroenterology. Some children come for assessment and to be seen by a consultant for diagnosis, treatments or expertise advice/opinions.

There are 10 consultation rooms, including:

  • a phlebotomy room for blood tests
  • a play area
  • toilet facilities. 


Cheetah outpatients is on Level 2 of the Variety Club Building (VCB) at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Level 2 Variety Club Building 
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street


Cheetah telephone number: 020 7405 9200 Ext: 5353
Switchboard on 020 7405 9200

Who you will meet

Cheetah is primarily run by our experienced clinic staff comprising clinic assistants with a senior clinic assistant acting as team leader. Staff are supported by the nursing team, consultants, clinical nurse specialists, physiotherapists, play specialists, psychologists, dietitians and floor manager.

The following members of staff will be available to help you during your visit:

  • Helena Willans: Outpatients sister - ext. 1754
  • Catie Stuart: Outpatients matron - ext. 1768
  • Sarah Metson: General manager - ext. 8852
  • Jilly Hale: Divisional assistant chief nurse - ext. 5894
  • Outpatients Senior staff nurse - ext. 1773
  • Play Worker: Hannah Guegan

Conditions we treat

Clinics held in Cheetah include those for the diagnosis, management and treatment of:

Ward Information

Outpatients is open Monday to Friday, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Visitors are welcome from 08:30 until 18:30. We do our best to protect the privacy and dignity of your child at all times during their stay at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Here is some information to help you during your stay:

  • All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation, examination or procedure. If you would like one, please inform your doctor or nurse.
  • As a young person, you may request to see your medical team without supervision. Please inform a nurse or the receptionist who will be happy to arrange this.
  • Easy read information about the various tests and procedures we carry out on Cheetah is available here.
  • If your child has a learning disability and needs reasonable adjustments during their clinic appointment, please let one of the clinic staff or receptionists know. We can call the Intellectual (Learning) Disability Nurse Consultant Jim Blair for further support on ext. 8465.

For children who require disability access there are wide door openings, disabled changing rooms with hoists and more specially adapted facilities.

GOSH has, since 2009, allowed children to bring their own slings to hospital with them, providing that extra level of comfort. However, before our nurses are able to use your child’s sling to hoist, several safety checks will be made. The assessment should be recorded in the notes either next to the child’s weight or on the Outpatients assessment form. 

The following are not allowed in Outpatients:

  • Latex balloons – due to potential allergic reactions of some children
  • If you have hot drinks, please ensure you request a lid to prevent spillages
  • Please take care with younger children in an unfamiliar environment to prevent any slips, trips or falls.

If you or your child have either had recent contact with chickenpox or measles, or has chickenpox, measles, shingles, diarrhoea and vomiting, then please telephone your GP or Practice Nurse who will tell you whether to keep the appointment. We might need to reschedule your appointment to a different time.

Siblings and young family members are welcome in Outpatients as long as they are supervised at all times by an adult.


  • Volunteer presence to assist visitors 
  • Breast feeding rooms and bottle warming facilities.
  • Baby changing facilities, changing rooms for young people and toilet facilities.
  • Vending machines for drinks and snacks. 
  • The Lagoon Restaurant on the main GOSH site is where you can have a drink or hot meal, sit, browse the hospital shop or watch a TV. There is a designated Disney play space for children to have food or watch a film. 
  • Chapel and prayer rooms.
  • Play activities organised by a dedicated play worker with play specialist support for procedures and distraction.
  • Water fountains located in each clinical area with free fruit flavoured drinks for children and their families.