Choral Forest

A wall in the hospital with colourful geometric lines that make up the 'Choral forest'.

Artist Shona Illingworth and sound artist Henna Nadeem created the Choral Forest; an evocative, sound and image poem. This magical secret woodland brings the extraordinary richness and vitality of nature into the heart of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre. 

This sound and visual artwork creates a sanctuary from stressful moments, and a space for quiet reflection away from the stresses of the busy hospital.

Sounds of birdsong and rhythms of nature alongside abstract imagery of dappled light and changing seasons help to create a relaxing environment for our patients and visitors.

The artwork recognises the generosity of the Mittal family who supported the construction of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre.

Go and see the artwork in the entrance to the Lagoon Restaurant.