About the Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery Unit

The Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery Unit consists of six consultant surgeons and their teams. Two surgeons specialise in spinal surgery and the other four cover all aspects of limb surgery.

Of course, not all our patients require surgery, and we aim to provide a comprehensive assessment of complaints of the musculoskeletal system and then arrange the appropriate management.

We work closely with colleagues in the departments of rheumatology and neurology and some patients with musculoskeletal problems will be more appropriately dealt with in these units.

The unit includes a team of dedicated physiotherapists and orthotists as well as plaster technicians and specialist nurses who all help to ensure that each child receives the right treatment in the right environment at the right time.

Orthopaedic conditions

The unit acts as a tertiary referral centre for unusual or difficult elective paediatric orthopaedic conditions.

Areas of expertise include:

  • management of primary and revision of club foot
  • developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) surgery
  • osteogenesis imperfecta
  • paediatric spinal deformity
  • neuromuscular orthopaedics
  • limb reconstruction surgery

Orthopaedic ward

At present Sky Ward is an 18 bed ward, in the Octav Botnar Wing, that caters for patients requiring both specialist orthopaedic and spinal surgery.

The ward has been designed specifically to meet the needs of orthopaedic patients. There is a fully equipped seminar room, plaster room and treatment room. The ward is spacious with a mixture of side rooms and bays.

There is a high dependency area for children that have undergone spinal or major orthopaedic surgery.