Liaison Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The Liaison Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service is a team of child and adolescent psychiatry doctors who assist children with mental health difficulties within Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

We can see children both as emergencies and for planned liaison appointmentsWe work closely with other clinical colleagues including psychologists, mental health nurses and members of Psychological Services.

About us


We offer a nine to five on-call system for child mental health emergencies around the hospital, staffed by a specialist registrar rota and a consultant and are happy to receive and discuss referrals by phone. We aim to work with the ward psychology teams to find collaborative solutions to urgent mental health problems. 

What do the Liaison Child and Adolescent Mental Health team do?

We aim to treat acute mental health emergencies arising within GOSH hospital wards or outpatient clinics

Some examples of mental health emergencies include:

  • Acute symptoms of psychosis
  • Expression of acute suicidal ideation
  • Deliberate self-harm likely to pose a significant risk to physical health

We are also happy to provide advice on queries relating to the management of acute confused states, the use of psychotropic medication or second opinions on issues of capacity.

We are available if advice is needed urgently regarding the mental health or an adult in the hospital (parent/relative).


  • We are happy to accept referrals from any member of the inpatient or outpatient medical team who have acute mental health concerns about a patient
  • If possible we would request you first discuss the patient with your ward based psychology team to make them aware of the case to assist in arranging a joint assessment if necessary.
  • Psychological Services offer a 9-5 emergency assessment service and this should be the first point of call as they may already know the child and family. Telephone 020 7405 9200 extension 5166 and the psychologist linked to the child’s paediatric service will be contacted.
  • If you do need a psychiatrist, please contact the on-call registrar for psychiatry via the switchboard at GOSH (internal phone number 5000) or departmental reception (internal phone number 8679)
  • When contacting the team please have to hand the name of the patient, the date of birth, the patient number, the hospital ward, the name of the psychologist attached to your ward or team and details of the case (including original reason for admission and a summary of their progress on the ward so far)
  • We will aim to discuss level of urgency/risk with the referrer and decide on an appropriate time frame to assess the patient
  • We would normally aim to do a joint assessment with the member of the ward or outpatient psychology team if logistically possible
  • Following the assessment we will agree a management plan with the team looking after the patient, document the assessment in the medical notes and write a letter informing the network
  • Following assessment we will discuss the outcome with the child and family. We are happy to liaise with the GP, the local Community CAMHS team or in some cases, may be able to offer a brief focused mental health treatment within the GOSH Psychological Medicine Intervention Service.