Feedback from our groups

What did you enjoy about the group?

  • “Everyone here was really nice and told me almost everything I need to know about tics.”
  • “It helped me meet other people whom understand or have the same condition.”
  • “Everyone was really helpful, all our questions were answered and things explained well and fully to us. It is lovely to see that… people understand and want to help what he is going through.”
  • “That you could speak without fear of being judged.”

What did you learn?

  • “About tics, what it is and how to control them.”
  • “That there are other people with Tourette’s syndrome and I am not the only one.”
  • “I learnt that Tourette’s is not so bad-ish.”

See Oscar's case study on the GOSH Charity website from Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes series .