Training for professionals from the National Centre for High Functioning Autism

Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule 2 (ADOS2) Training

  • The ADOS2 trainer for this course is Dr. Marianna Murin
  • The course is an ADOS2 training course, however, you will still be able to use ADOSG after completing our course
  • This course will give you research reliability and you will be able to practise clinically. On completing the course you will be able to work with children and adults
  • For your own practise you will need to purchase your own ADOS kit and manual as this is not supplied by the training. The UK distributor for ADOS2 kits and manuals is HOGREFE 

Next course

We aim to hold 2-3 ADOS-2 courses per year. If you would like to enquire about availability or to be added to the waiting list to be informed of future courses please contact Carla Startin at Those on the waiting list are informed first about course dates and are offered places on the course as a priority.

The course costs £950 in total (this fee includes all the materials you will need during the course, and also all food and refreshments for the duration of the course).

For more information, please contact Carla Startin by email​

ADOS2 upgrade course 

  • TBC


This one-day training is aimed at helping professionals already trained in ADOS to upgrade their skills to ADOS2. The modifications in ADOS2 involve subtle changes in administration and coding, an inclusion of a new module, as well as new algorithms, severity comparison scores and their interpretation. The revision of ADOS to ADOS2 reflects the need for improved standards of reliability and validity of the diagnostic instruments, as well as the upcoming changes in DSM.

*Please note that it is not a requirement for professionals already trained on ADOS to attend ADOS2 upgrade workshop – all previously trained professionals can upgrade their skills using ADOS2 upgrade toolkit available for purchase from the UK distributors of ADOS materials.

Course content:

  • Modifications in administration 
  • Modifications in scoring
  • Interpretation of the algorithms and the severity ratings 
  • Introduction to administration and rating of Toddler Module 

Course requirements:

Previous training in ADOS. 

Post-course benefits:

The course delegates will be able to benefit from access to ADOS2 reliability meetings, which are very welcoming and free of charge, in order to improve or help maintain their reliability rates. 

Training Fees: £150.00 

If you would like to attend this course please contact Carla Startin



Elklan delivers accredited courses for professionals and parents to enable them to be more effective in their support of children with speech, language and communication needs.


Dates of the two-day 3di courses:

  • Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 March 2017
  • Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 May 2017

If you wish to attend a 3di training course, or would like further information, please contact Richard Warrington at or visit the 3di website at

The cost of £600 (excluding VAT) covers:

  • the two-day training course (including lunches and light refreshments)
  • an installer for the 3di system and a single-user multiple-machine licence without time limit (thus you can install the 3di for your own use on both your desktop machine and your laptop, and on machines at various clinics) 
  • a year's telephone and email support 
  • a year's entitlement to developments of the 3di system

3di regional courses

Where a number of professionals in a locality or region are jointly interested in training to use the 3di, it can be convenient and economic to commission a local course – your accommodation and travel costs are avoided, and time is not sacrificed to travel.

Local courses have proved to be a very good framework for bringing together the many different professions involved with autistic children – both in places where those professions already work closely and in places where greater coordination is an aspiration.

A local course, whether in the UK or overseas, delivers the same 3di training, software licences and post‑course support as the London course, and is provided by the same trainer. Our charge for each trainee will be appreciably less than the London fee – the larger the group the greater the reduction. We ask you to cover the trainer’s economical travel and accommodation costs.

If you are interested in a local course – even if you can’t quite see how it might be organised or the numbers mustered – please get in touch with Richard Warrington on 07974 910896 or