Podcast: Anna Hughes, Clinical Nurse Specialist

GOSH patient Mitchell with Gastro CNS Anna Hughes

Anna Hughes is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Home Parenteral Nutrition team at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Find out how she helps teenagers at GOSH in her interview with TeenGOSH patient Mitchell.

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Podcast transcript

Mitchell: “You’re listening to a TeenGOSH podcast all about who’s who at Great Ormond Street Hospital. My name is Mitchell and I’m 18 years old. I came to GOSH at about a week old for craniofacial surgery. Let me introduce you to some of the people you might meet if you come to GOSH as a teenager.”

Anna: “I’m Anna Hughes and I’m the Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Home Parenteral Nutrition team.”

Mitchell: “How can clinical nurse specialists help teenage patients like me?”

Anna: “Basically we can be your link back into the hospital so if there’s questions and things that you’ve thought of once you’ve got home and you feel like you haven’t asked the right people or you don’t quite know the answers then we can help you by finding out and speaking to the consultants for you. We can also help you by sorting things out for you and your family. If it’s appointment times, get them changed so that they’re suitable around school so you’re not missing exams. So that’s where we can support you.”

Mitchell: “What’s different about your role in particular? The thing that we’ve brought in – kind of the new invention – is a system called Patients Know Best and it’s basically like a medical Facebook. So the young person or the parents have charge of what essentially is their page, they then invite anybody related to their medical wellbeing from the local team – that can be a community nurse, physios, school nurses – and then from the Great Ormond Street team they can invite different consultants from different specialties that they’re under. We can upload test results for you, we can send you your letters straight to home, so it builds up a really good history of your whole case so that if you went to another hospital who didn’t know you, then you could just show them that page.”

Mitchell: “What are the top three things you like about your job?”

Anna: “Dealing with you guys has got to be the first one – I couldn’t look after adults they moan way too much so I love the fact that I work with young people and children! Also the fact that every day can be different as well. Also I like the fact that I get to work across the hospital so I’m not just based on one ward so I like that it’s a real variety.”

Mitchell: “How can patients contact their clinical nurse specialist at the hospital?”

Anna: “Most of the time we all mostly carry bleeps or phones – there’s a new Cisco phone – around the hospital which is a bit like a mobile phone so instead of bleeping us you just ring a number instead and we carry that with us wherever we go. And we all have office bases as well so we all have an answerphone system.”

Mitchell: “You’ve been listening to a TeenGOSH podcast from Great Ormond Street Hospital. For more information about being a teenager at GOSH visit our website – www.gosh.nhs.uk/teenagers