Daily routine

Rainbow coloured glass panels on the Mildred Creak Unit

Following a daily routine on the Mildred Creak Unit (MCU) at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is part of how we help you feel better.

You’ll be encouraged to take part in activities as part of your daily programme, including general activities of daily living on the Unit. These could be tidying up, reporting faults, laying the table, helping with the shopping and cooking for dinner. 

If we’re making big decisions about the environment you’re staying in we’ll try to involve you too. This could include helping to choose furniture or event paint for the walls.

Your care plan

While you’re on the MCU, you’ll work with two keyworkers from the nursing team to make plans about your treatment and what you’ll be working on. You’ll be asked to sign your care plan and can have your own copies if you would like. 

Your care plan lets all staff who are working with you know how to best support you. It’s important you feel comfortable on the Unit, so if you disagree with something to do with your care, talk to your keyworkers or a member of the nursing team.

Groups and activities

During the week, we have a clear timetable structure for activities kept within time limits. This is to offer you the safety to explore your difficulties in a contained way.

Groups include:

  • Life skills – where we learn skills to help you out in life.
  • Creative group – an arts therapy group where you can draw, paint or make how you’re feeling.
  • Thursday group – you can use this to talk about what’s on your mind and things going on.
  • Monday and Friday meetings – where we talk about what went well during the week, or while we were at home at the weekend, and any difficulties we had.
  • Community meeting – we talk about issues that affect the community and the big events that are happening. We have a book where anyone can write down what they want to be discussed.

There is a school at GOSH and, as part of your care programme, you can attend up to three sessions of school a day. If you’re not able to go down to the school, a teacher might come and work with you on the Unit so you won’t miss any of your school work.

Leaving the Unit

While you’re a patient on the MCU, the staff are responsible for your safety so you mustn’t leave without an adult with you, unless it’s part of your individual plan.

We take regular trips out of the Unit though as a group – like to the park or to the swimming pool.

Mealtimes and bedtimes

There’s a clear structure and timings for meals, to help support you if you find mealtimes difficult. The main course takes a maximum of 30 minutes and dessert takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

We can think with you and your family about managing meals, whether you stay on the Unit or eat out. All visitors at dinner arrive by 6pm and phones are switched off during meals.

Depending on your age, you’ll have a set bedtime on the Unit between 8.30pm and 10pm.


Sometimes as part of your treatment you might be prescribed some medicine. It’s something we think very carefully about and where possible we try to help young people get better without it. But in some cases medication can help you manage difficult thoughts and feelings. Your doctor will talk to you about this so you understand what you’re taking and why.

When taking medication it’s important to take it regularly as it’s not good for your body to stop medication suddenly. If you go home at the weekends it’s important you continue to take your medication at home.

More information

Ask your keyworker when you arrive on the Unit if you have any questions about your daily routine and care.