Balance testing

You might visit the balance clinic to find out whether you have a balance problem and to work out what's causing it. We do this by sending you on a journey into space.Come with us on a journey into space!

GOSH Balance and dizziness testing clinic

Getting ready for blast off

Like all astronauts, you’ll sit in a special chair for your space journey. We’ll strap you in to keep you safe. We’ll also give you some headphones and a microphone to wear so you can keep in touch with mission control at all times during your journey into space. You might feel a bit dizzy sometimes, but tell us and we can bring you back to earth at any time. We’ll connect you to some monitors so we can check how you’re doing during the journey. You might wear some special goggles. We might put some small sticky pads on your head so we can record your eye movements.

Blast off!

As you're blasting off into space, you'll feel the chair moving around a bit. This doesn't last long and we'll tell you when we're in outer space.

Outer space

Mission control will give you some jobs to do while you're in space. We'll ask you to look at a far off meteor that looks like a red dot. It will move around in space, and we'll need you to watch it for us.

We'll also ask you to use your cockpit controls to spin in a line around to get into the right position for going into warp speed. When you go into warp speed, you'll see black and white stripes moving in front of you.

As we're getting ready for splash down, the capsule will turn, first to one side and then to the other.

Splash down

For splash down, we'll ask you to lie on a bed and look into space to see the stars moving. Cold water will trickle into one ear for a few seconds, and then the other ear. Next, warm water will trickle into your ears in the same way. you might feel a bit dizzy but this will soon go.


After you've come back down to earth, we'll have a debrief session with you and your parents to find out how you got on with your journey into space.

If you have any questions, before or during the space journey, please ask mission control (020 7813 8430).

Compiled by:
GOSH Balance Testing Clinic in collaboration with the Child and Family Information Group
Last review date:
April 2016