Sophie's presents for patients wish list

It’s December, which can only mean one thing - Christmas is soon upon us. 

Christmas is a time of sharing and gathering with family and friends no matter where you are (and that includes hospital). I also see it as a time to treat yourself and others after another year of hard work and commitment, whether that’s with a luxurious Christmas meal or a new iPad. This is my Christmas wish list as a previous GOSH patient. If you're stuck for ideas, I'd recommend some of these.

  1. Music is something I hold dear to my heart. I would ask for a new instrument, preferably a ukulele (something small, simple and jolly) that I could play in my hospital bedroom. Some new albums would also be a great addition…maybe Michael Bublé’s Christmas album?
  2. A special edition of my favourite book, Peter Pan - the boy who never grew up. I like to think I will never grow up, on the inside at least. To make it an even better present, JM Barrie donated the copyrights to Great Ormond Street Hospital, so we both get a Christmas gift!
  3. It’s easy to get restless at hospital. I enjoy a bit of arts and crafts to make things to decorate my room; paintings, drawings, and collages.
  4. I love a large mug of tea, or two, or three each day. It would be great to have my own mug, which can hold plenty of it and that I can clasp both my hands round to keep me warm and snug. Hot chocolate works too.
  5. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Need I say more?
  6. A new Pokémon game for my DS - specifically Omega Ruby. I’ve played nearly all the games, and it would be great to complete the set.
  7. Unfortunately you cannot bring your bed from home to hospital, so I’m trying the next best thing. I would ask Santa for a really cosy thick set of pyjamas to make those cold winter nights disappear, ideally with penguins on them, or bunnies.
  8. A massive Paddington Bear for me to snuggle with at night and which will take residency in my bedroom. (That may have been one of my favourite childhood programmes.)
  9. A large Christmas lunch, with all the trimmings, turkey, carrots, parsnips, potatoes and a tonne of gravy. Brussels sprouts, however, do not take my fancy.
  10. Finally, a festive Christmas party with all my friends and family, because ultimately this is what Christmas is all about - spending time with the people you love.

That is what makes Christmas so special. No matter where we are, we always find a way to share it together.

So go on, start writing. I hope you get what you wished for!