TeenGOSH Community

Ways to get involved

Become a Foundation Trust Member

If you're aged over 10 and live in England and Wales, you can help us make a real difference to the future of GOSH. Current and former patients, their families, carers and friends, and members of the public, are all welcome to join our Foundation Trust.

Join the Young People's Forum

The forum was created to make sure that GOSH isn't just seen as a "Children's Hospital" – young people need to be represented too, and that’s why the Young People's Forum is so important!

Fundraise for GOSH

There's lots of ways to get involved, start fundraising and make a difference from the comfort of your own home whether it's on your own, with the people you're living with or virtually with friends and family.

Volunteer for GOSH

Find out more about how to apply and what we're looking for in a GOSH volunteer.